Somewhen in 2010 Mike teamed up with a Vintage Guitars Collector over a glass of beer and together they came to the conclusion, that very rare and highly collectible guitars should not be locked up in a safe but to be played and presented to guitar lovers instead. Equipped with a video camera the first video was uploaded to Youtube. Several videos followed and reached more than 400,000 views overall to date. More videos are planned, showing fantastic instruments many guitar players never have a chance to see and hear in this detail. If you like what you see and hear, don't hesitate to leave comments and ratings:



Just recently Mike started posting guitar-tutorials. After a growing number of guitar players asked Mike for advice on how to achieve a good guitar sound. The first tutorial meanwhile reached more than 100,000 views on Youtube:


The instrumental "Sonosphere" combines a jazzy athmosphere with rock guitar bendings.

Sono-Guide: Les Paul Standard through a 50W Peavey Classic.



In this collaboration Mike arranged and added instrumentation to the song "Sigh" by german singer/piano-player Natalie JCB: